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WCCHN Office Staff

Elina Williams – Coordinator

Primary Office in Edmonton

  • Monitors ongoing operations of the WCCHN
  • Negotiates agreement among members
  • Facilitates collaboration among sites to achieve goals
  • Maintains a liaison with individual center coordinators and family representatives
  • Vendor management and implementation
  • Evaluation of the WCCHN initiatives and requirements
  • Preparation of the WCCHN annual budget and presentation to the Steering Committee for consideration and approval

Vera Horobec – Clinical Informatician

Primary Office in Edmonton

  • Responsible for day-to-day operations of the WCCHN Interprovincial Database and the CardioAccess (Society of Thoracic Surgeons) surgical database
  • Performs multi-site data extractions
  • Liaison for the Health Information Management professionals in the WCCHN centres
  • Monitors data quality and recommends data quality improvement initiatives
  • Works closely with key stakeholders to identify and plan enhancements to the WCCHN and CardioAccess (STS) databases

Mike Scott – Data Support

Primary Office in Saskatoon

  • Provides technical support for the main WCCHN applications and client areas, ensuring that the application used by their clients functions effectively and reliably
  • Coordinates with the Database Project Manager, WCCHN, and/or clinical personnel on problem scope, impact, and characteristics, and identifies complex problems’ causes
  • Manages relationship with software vendors to coordinate problem resolutions effectively and timely
  • Monitors systems to ensure stable operations and optimum performance of systems are proactively maintained
  • Works closely with other IT groups to coordinate solutions for customer; creates and updates support documents and procedures

Karen Lam – Administrative Assistant

Primary Office in Calgary

  • Works closely with all WCCHN centres, committees, programs, and family groups to schedule meetings, educational events, Telehealth sessions and conferences
  • Prepares various reports, documents, profiling materials, newsletters; responds to general inquiries to the WCCHN office; and maintains up-to-date contact lists
  • Manages invoices and reimbursements submitted to the WCCHN office
  • Coordinates travel for the WCCHN office staff
  • Maintains and updates the WCCHN website

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