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Transition to Adult Care

Time for Transition – Are You Ready?
Transitioning the teen to Adult Transplant Care
Created by Stollery Children’s Hospital

Well on Your Way Helping Youth Transition to Adult Healthcare
For youth, young adults, their parents and caregivers, and health care providers. Created by Stollery Children’s Hospital and Alberta Health Services.

ON TRAC – Transitioning Responsibility to Adult Care
ON TRAC was created for patients in BC as a multifaceted transition initiative. It’s goal is to support youth and families through the process of transitioning from pediatric to adult health care services. The website is filled with tools, materials, activities and links to help make a continuous, safe and smooth transition.

ON TRAC – Transition Timeline
Transition timeline prepared by ON TRAC.

ON TRAC – Parent/Family Checklist
A guide for parents/families to support their youth (12-24 years of age) in the planning and preparation for adulthood and adult health care. Prepared by ON TRAC.

ON TRAC – Youth Quiz
A list of questions that contains hyperlinks to ON TRAC Website to help youth learn to manage their health and get ready for adult care.

Website created by Toronto Sick Kids. Designed for young people with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), their family, friends, and health care providers to help make the move to adult care.

Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network
Information on managing Congenital Heart Defects/Diseases

Family & Community Resource Centre: Youth in Transition
For youth 12 and up, offering tips on how to take charge of their own health and highlighting supports and resources available

Heart & Soul: Your Guide to Living with Congenital Heart Disease
This book covers topics Congenital Heart Defects, Coping with Your Child’s Diagnosis, Visiting the Hospital, Navigating the Health Care System, Coping with Stressful Times, Growing up with a CHD, Just for Teens – Taking Charge, Caring for a Child with CHD, If Your Child Needs Surgery, and Preparing for an Emergency. Click here for a free, full electronic version of this book.

Calgary Transition Specific Resources

ACH Adolescent Transition Checklist

ACH Adolescent Transition Checklist – Developmental Disability